Education and Academic Background

Jay was trained in hypnotherapy and NLP at the American Institute Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, by legendary hypnotist A.M Krasner in 1997 and received a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy as a CCHT. He continually expanded his expertise by actively studying and continuing to take courses, training’s and seminars.

Jay is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). As well as being a member of the NGH. He teaches a variety of classes on hypnosis and hypnotherapy for professional organizations and private groups.

Jay is also holds certifications as a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, certified by MBS Clinic In Sunnyvale, CA,NLP Master Practitioner,Certified Sports Hypnotist,Clinical Hypnotist, Hypnobirthing


Jay’s Hypnotherapy Practice

Jay has years of experience as a hypnotherapist, and has been in general practice in Danville California since 2015s. In addition to his amazing record in quitting smoking hypnosis programs and weight loss hypnotherapy, Jay will not turn down any challenge where he thinks hypnosis can help. Hypnosis can treat problems such as anxiety, fears, panic attacks, OCD’s, eating disorders, enhancing memory recall , relationship challenges, sexual challenges and much more. Jay offers a so call schedule your no cost consultation online now by clicking here.

Jay approaches you as a whole person, that is to say he treats the mind and the body together, and regards his therapy as complementary to western medicine.

One of the focuses of his practice is assisting people with medically related problems and in pain control. Please see Jay’s “Common Problems” section where you will find an extensive list of problems he can assist you with.

Jay has an association with many medical doctors as well as alternative therapists in the area and works together with them to ensure you become better.

HypWorks Code of Ethics

Jay strives to offer you the best hypnotherapy that is safe, effective, and ethical and believes we can all be whole, healthy, and complete. Here is his code of ethics:

  • Provide treatment consistent with a diligent duty of care and within knowledge, competence and experience..
  • Ensure that wherever a physical cause to a client condition may be either known or suspected, that the client be encouraged to seek medical advice.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality during and after treatment.
  • Obtain client permission before audio or video recording of any part of a consultation or therapy takes place.
  • Refrain from using his position of trust and confidence to exploit the client emotionally or in any other way whatsoever.
  • To complete courses of treatment in every case at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • To take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the client and those accompanying them.
  • Conduct himself at all times in such a way as to do nothing that might bring hypnotherapy or the Associations he is a member of into disrepute.